Sep 17, 2010

Random Sketchbook Stuff!

I can’t stop being creative.

At any given moment, I have twenty to thirty, maybe forty ideas floating around in my head. Animated sitcoms. Live-action sitcoms. Films. Independent films. Comic books. Comic strips. Web sites. Apps. More animated sitcoms. Action cartoons. More action cartoons. Short films. Animated short films. Comedies. Oh, the comedies.

It doesn’t stop.

I keep multiple sketchbooks on me at all times. I email myself ideas. I store them on my iPhone notes. I forget one out of three ideas.

The problem? I can’t keep track of it all. That’s where (one of) my sites come in. I’ve had Project Doom Fist for many years now. Many. It’s always been my portfolio. Not any more.

I’ve finished moving my portfolio over to Having done so, that leaves this url to become my personal project blog. My portfolio is about finished work. Maybe it’s presentable work? Project Doom Fist on the other hand? That’s for everything. I write scripts, come up with pitches, design characters, sketch, animate, sketch some more, and design web junk. I’ll be (b)logging it all here. The idea: post no less than once a week. I’ll throw my sketchbook garbage up. I’ll post my rough animations through the finished result. I’ll rant about (terrible) movies.

In other words: = Business in the front, business in the back.

Project Doom Fist = Back yard party. All day. All night.

Hope you’ll come back to watch me fail my way to the top.

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